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360 automation manager

360 Automation Manager - Use this tool to integrate all your channels into one automated platform to save time and resources, and build your customer relationships with automatic messages tailored to their preferences.


IP Blacklist Monitoring - This tool keeps a close eye on your company IP to make sure it is not on any blacklists, and notifies you immediately if blacklisting happens. Your IP is constantly monitored and you can check it whenever you wish.


email marketing
Email Marketing - Create customized emails and newsletters using our simple editor or one of our pre-made templates. With a drag and drop interface, it has never been easier to create professional, eye-catching emails.


event management
Event Management - Create events, send the details, add maps and tickets and track all the RSVPs with our handy event software. It is an easy way to take the hassle out of promoting your important events.


Facebook Automation - Become a social media force by using Facebook to your advantage with automated posts and simple apps. It is essential to keep your Facebook page up to date, and this tool makes it simple.


fax marketing
Fax Marketing - Use this unique mode of communication to send to thousands of customers without ever touching a fax machine. Just create your message and select a list and a send time. You can also preview the estimated cost.


Form Builder - Easily create multiple online forms that you can post on your website to let new subscribers sign up. It is easy to customize forms, and you do not need to know any HTIv1L code.


landing page
Landing Page Manager - Create as many targeted landing pages as you need to appeal to a wide variety of customers or clients. Easily track your landing pages to find out which ones produce the best results.


web tracking
Web Tracking - View click-throughs and open rates in your emails by seeing detailed reports of who licked which links. You can also create custom shortened links to make it easier for customers to remember.


press release Contact Management - Organize and segment all your important customer data using this tool, which is integrated with the leading CRM solutions. You can segment your lists, merge lists, export lists and much more.


sms marketing SMS Marketing - Send out coupons, contests and more by SMS to engage with customers in a quick and personal manner. Create custom short codes and personalize SKIS messages by merging in subscribers' first names.


online survey form Online Survey Creation - Create professional-looking surveys that you can email out or post on your website to gain valuable customer feedback. There are many different question and answer formats so you can customize it to your needs.


twitter Twitter Automation - Connect with a whole new group of customers through Twitter, and easily update your feed with automated tweets. You can also set up automatic direct messages for your new followers.


voice marketing Voice Marketing - Send automated voice messages using a pre-recorded message or our text-to-speech feature. You can specify what happens when an answering machine picks up, and even listen to a test call with your message.